About Rose Street Design


Behind the scenes of Rose Street Design is me, Alanna Jackson (I'm smiling but you can't see me.)
Here's a little rundown of how Rose Street Design came about and what I've been up to.

I started my career in design after a chance interview to be a website designer that actually went well. (I didn't tell them that I had no idea what html code was or how websites were even created.) Luckily for me I had been welcomed into a great team and I was quickly taught html hand coding from the bottom up. I worked designing websites for local businesses for over 3 years.

I was then lucky enough to land a job at one of the top news websites in the UK. Here I honed my skills and soon went from a junior designer to senior digital designer. This entailed website design, microsite designs, digital advertising, competitions, emails etc.

I learnt a lot here working with such a broad range of people, companies and agencies and fell in love with my job.

Like for many people motherhood came calling, but I loved my job so went back part time. However after having my second child this proved too difficult. A 3 hour commute and sky high childcare costs meant it was no longer possible to stay in my position. So this is when Rose Street Design was born (hooray!).

It seemed the perfect answer to being able to see my children grow, whilst also keeping a career and helping others with their design needs. In particular smaller businesses or those with smaller budgets, as I feel everyone should be able to access great designs wether it's branding for their company, a print for their nursery or a gift for someone.

Designing makes me happy and I hope my designs make you happy.